Beyond the Bag Pet Nutrition & Wellness Personal Pet Food Reports

Beyond the Bag Pet Nutrition & Wellness
Created with YOUR cat or dog in mind
Choose your pet’s food with confidence with a Personal Pet Food Report! Each 10 – 15 page report is
tailored individually to your pet and his or her requirements based on life stage, activity level, your budget,
and your feedback from a detailed questionnaire that you will receive when you place your order.
Your Report Includes:
A Detailed Current Food Analysis
Get a clear picture of your current pet food’s nutritional value as ingredients in your pet’s food are listed in
depth and broken down, item by item. Learn which ones may be ‘less healthy’ and which ones are beneficial.
Understand what each ingredient actually is and why you would or wouldn’t want to see it in your pet’s diet.
A Current Treat Analysis – and Healthier Options
Get evaluations of all treats that you feed on a regular or intermittent basis and learn about new or
additional healthy options.
Alternative Brands to Avoid Future Allergies
Receive options for other brands of food based on your requirements. Reduce the possibility of future
allergies due to overexposure to one type of food. Learn where to purchase these foods as well as how much
they cost and what types are available. Give your pet a varied, robust diet that will provide all of the
nutrients your pet needs to thrive.
Ingredient Lists for Suggested Pet Foods
Receive a full ingredient list for each optional brand of food that is provided. Understand why those foods
were chosen for your pet and why they may be more beneficial than your current brand. Get answers to any
questions in a 60 minute one-on-one consultation call with Sheila or Debbie, included with each report.
A Full Schedule for Transitioning Seamlessly
Receive a detailed feeding schedule to transition your pet slowly and easily onto his/her new food. Know
which ‘transition aids’ will be helpful and include them in your daily schedule to make the switch seamlessly.
Beyond the Bag Pet Nutrition & Wellness
Supplement Options for Optimal Health
Understand which supplements may be beneficial for your pet. Receive a list of suggested supplements
based on your pet’s unique needs and a list of local or online retailers.
Recipes to Top off Meals with Whole Foods
Receive a variety of simple recipes for integrating whole foods into your pet’s diet with instructions on when
and how to feed them.
Long Term Meal Planning Strategy
Offer your pet a variety of brands and types food for the most complete diet. Begin to incorporate any
combination of food types such as kibble, canned, freeze-dried, dehydrated or even frozen raw if you choose.
Receive an outline of how to feed a variety of foods as well as suggestions for brands of each types that
would be suitable and beneficial for your unique pet.
Consultation and Support
Review your report in a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Sheila or Debbie where they will walk
you through each section step by step. Your questions will be answered until you are absolutely confident of
your plan of action.
Money Back Guarantee
It is our goal to provide you with quality information that you can use based on the information in the Intake
Form provided. If you do not feel you have received all that you need to switch your pet to a healthier diet,
we will gladly refund your investment.
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