Grandma Lucy's Freeze Dried Foods

This family company was established in 1999. And for the past 15 years they have been winning over dogs and cats, as well as the parent's that serve them! The need for a good quality treat presented itself when their family English Cocker Spaniel had developed a picky appetite, while also needing to manage food allergies. Like most of us the began reading the labels to the pet foods and treats and became glowingly concerned the more they read. At this point they developed a cooked at home diet for their beloved 11 year old dog. They recalled on their website "Surprisingly for a dog that had become very picky, she loved her home cooked meals and treats. The next step seemed natural; we wanted to be able to share with others the healthy and safe treat we were cooking for Lucy."

Not only are the ingredients processed and packed at their Irvine, CA facility using 100% human-grade products but they are gathered from local restaurant suppliers! In today's busy world we all wish to give our pets the absolute best while balancing a busy schedule and Grandma Lucy's foods and treats mean you can be confident you are doing just that. Sate of the art freeze drying equipment makes what they do possible delivering a minimally processed food that you can re-hydrate with water (or raw goat's milk like the Pro Bloom supplement for added nutrition) and serve in just minutes, also taking the guess work about whether you are providing adequate nutrition to your pet since they have done the hard part for you.

Here is how the freeze-dried process works

Here are some more great facts you might be interested in knowing:

  • Though sometimes recalls happen to even the best of companies, to this date not even one recall has involved a Grandma Lucy's product.
  • All of the freeze-dried products are completely wheat-free.
  • The Artisan and Pureformance lines are grain-free.
  • Using the freeze-drying process the foods resemble home cooked meals instead of finely ground and canned foods. Your pet will feel more like you plated up a dish of what you are having for dinner!
  • Freeze-dried food is fresh or cooked foods that have been frozen then had the water removed. The result is a light-weight, fresh appearing and tasting preserved food that can be rehydrated with a minimum amount of water.This differs from dehydrating which is a process to remove water using evaporation but cannot be done entirely effectively leaving some moisture that may lead to bacteria growth. Dehydration can also change the composition of the foods where freeze-drying the foods like Grandma Lucy's does will not.
  • The cost of these freeze-dried diets are priced comparable to premium kibbles on the market today.
  • And check this out, once the food is prepared with water or goat's milk the size of the bag will amount to a shocking amount of fresh food here is the breakdown...
ARTISAN: 3lb bag = 17lbs of fresh food / 8lb bag = 45lbs of fresh food / 10lb bag = 55lbs of fresh food
PUREFORMANCE: 3lb bag = 15lbs of fresh food / 8lb bag = 40lbs of fresh food / 10lb bag = 51lbs of fresh food
  • My most common recommendation for pets with kidney problems will be Grandma Lucy's. The vet may recommend a food with low phosphorus levels since the kidney's help regulate the phosphorus levels in your pet's blood if they are having a hard time doing this.
  • And last but very not least Grandma Lucy's should proudly boast that all their ingredients are GMO FREE and HUMAN GRADE! Find THAT in another pet food! All of their suppliers must sign a contract stating that they abide by these high standards.
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