Benefits of having your dog professionally groomed

1- Professional means safe
While the cute cut and clean smells are the main goal, how that is reached is just as important. An amateur groomer may send your pup home to you suffering with cuts, scratches or skin irritations.
2- Good groomers can recognize allergic conditions
If an existing irritation is detected, your professional groomer will recognize that and use the appropriate more gentle products that will help to relieve the pet of the condition and not further irritate it.
3- Nail trimming is not fun
And with the help of your groomer that necessary monthly task can be stress free. No worries about cutting the nail too short or the drama of your dog sensing your dread of the task. 
4- Breed specific dos
A pro will know the dos and don'ts of your dog's breed and their hair style needs.
5- Detection of early warning signs
According to "Professional groomers are familiar with dog anatomy and if they notice abnormalities such as lumps, skin discoloration, rashes, skin lesions, bald patches, gum discoloration or bleeding, they might be able to detect early warning signs of illnesses."
6- Reduce the fur on your couch
A grooming will remove the dead fur and allow their real coat to shine!
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