Could your pet's quality of life be improved by Salmon Oil?

  1. Improve the coat and skin condition of the dog, make it soft and shiny.
  2. It helps in producing more collagen
  3. It helps to prevent skin allergies
  4. Dosage of about 1000 mg per 10 lbs of dog weight can prevent arthritis
  5. Fish oil is useful in the treatment of kidney problems (frequent urination, loss of appetite)
  6. Appearance of joint problems, like arthritis, is lessened.
  7. Salmon oil helps alleviate inflammation, fights heart disease, and prevents renal disease.
  8. It’s preventative against cancer.

Bravo! Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (click link to open new window with Style Mutt Store) is 100% natural oil produced in Alaska from freshly caught salmon. They  utilize a “cold” extraction method to ensure viability. Immediately after extraction, natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) are added to maintain freshness.

Then the oil is deep chilled and stored in airtight, lightproof containers until filtered and bottled. This  filtration process is very  thorough and results in a pure, unadulterated salmon oil supplement.  Healthy Omega-3s, antioxidants, EPA and DHA and  essential fatty acids which are vital for healthy skin and coats, as well as brain, heart and cellular function.

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