Honest Kitchen Freeze Dried Dog Food Assorted Flavors

Honest Kitchen

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Honest Kitchen's dehydrated whole food blends are natural and healthy. They prepare their foods in a manner to ensure it stays natural (human grade) from the farm, all the way to your pet’s bowl. Honest Kitchen's dehydrated pet foods are made in a human food facility, not in a pet food plant, which means they’re held to the same quality standards as the food you eat.

Their dehydrated pet food ingredients are purchased directly from conscientious  suppliers in the human food business.
The ingredients are harvested at the peak of their ripeness, then washed and trimmed to size (their root vegetables are finely diced to ensure they’re easy to digest).

Moisture is removed by gently dehydrating each ingredient through evaporation. This slow process is much gentler than cooking, canning or extruding and helps protect the nutrition that mother nature put in each ingredient.
The finished product is a compact, nutrient-dense blend of whole food that tastes and smells delicious.
When you rehydrate their natural pet foods with pure warm water, the color, taste, texture and smell closely resembles fresh foods.

Let your pet take the taste test, then watch how fasts it goes....


Food Yields:

2 lbs of dehydrated food yields 8 lbs of fresh food

4 lbs of dehydrated food yields 16 lbs of fresh food

10 lbs of dehydrated food yields 40 lbs of fresh food

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