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Founded by a veterinarian, Dr. Gary Cotton, DVM ("Dr. Gary"),    Best Breed Grain Free dog foods are formulated to provide the optimum  holistic health you dog needs. It's hypoallergenic which provides a healthful alternative for dogs sensitive to grains.

Made with low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, including nutrient-rich green peas, red lentils and chickpeas.
NO Potatoes or Tapioca which are both high on the glycemic index when compared to legumes.
The probiotics help benefit the immune system by promoting digestive health while the Glucosamine and  Green- Lipped Sea Mussel (perna-canaliculus) naturally support proper joint and connective tissue health. The Green-Lipped Sea mussel is also rich in amino acids, chelated minerals, and fatty acids.

Premium sources of protein and the synergistic combination of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, and chelated minerals assists in maintaining healthy skin and promoting a vibrant coat. (Omega 6:3 are balanced for optimum performance.)

These recipes are all gluten free.To further assure your dogs health Best Breed only uses ethoxyquin-free sources of fish and chicken, raised without added hormones.

Holistic formulas include Lamb and Puppy.  While the puppy is formulated with proper amounts of proten, fat and carbohydrates. Calcium and phosphorus in balanced levels is also included to give all puppies the nutrition needed for optimal growth. 

The Lamb formula contains fruits and vegetables for a healthy pet.

Best Breed Working Dog formula is high in calories It has been specially formulated for hard working and active dogs. it's also excellent for overly-lean dogs and pregnant and nursing females.


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