Diamond Naturals Grain Free Dog Food

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Dogs are able to digest grains but their bodies don’t break them down as efficiently as they do proteins and fats. A diet free of grains with a limited protein sources is an excellent option, especially for those with food sensitivities.

All Diamond Naturals® Grain-Free formulas are made with superior animal protein sources and zero grains to optimize digestion and limit exposure to allergy triggers.

 Diamond Naturals® has decided to replace their current probiotics in every with K9 Strain Probiotics™. These beneficial bacteria support digestive and immune systems in your pet. The K9 Strain Probiotics are developed from bacteria strains naturally found in the canine GI tract, and have been  proven to survive in their digestive system. Each kilogram of Diamond Naturals Grain-Free provides 220 million live, active cultures which help support healthy digestion.

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