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Medications and Vitamins

Your pet experiences many of the same diseases and ailments that you experience, especially as they age. Vitamins, like Vitamin C and Vitamin A, impact the growth and development of animals in much the same way that they do in people.

A healthy diet for your cat or dog will generally supply the vitamins they need as they grow. Your pets might require additional vitamins or supplements as they age or during pregnancy or periods of illness, just like you.

Cat and dog vitamins and supplements for pets can help to maintain good health throughout each stage of life.

Many multivitamins on the market today are made to supplement store-bought pet food, so your pet on a homemade diet will need different amounts of the essential vitamins.

Choosing a vitamin and supplement routine for your pet might sound complicated, but talking to your veterinarian will help you to decide on the best vitamins and supplements for your cat or dog.


The dog grooming products industry has boomed over the past few years with a supply of new brands and products coming onto the market. For you that means a laundry list of items to consider when trying to determine which is the best for your dog.

Rest assured that at Style Mutt all of our dog care products are high-quality and safe for you to use on your pets.

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